Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Night and Day by Lupe

Witty interpretation by Lupe for the NIGHT AND DAY sketchbook, currently in London with Alice! Pretty damn good drawings they are too! Thanks again Lupe for participating. I like how our 2 styles of drawing are already completely different...me and my naive creatures. Oh to be a children's book illustrator. well it might still happen, thanks to this venture. am so loving drawing again x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

A forest fairytale

Sketchbook number 2 is on his way to Kate in Liverpool! I did 2 pages this time so here is my magic bear and a flying little girl: a cross between Mila and little red riding hood? x

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Here are a few pictures of the cover I made for the NIGHT AND DAY sketchbook which is now in London with Lupe. I realised today after looking at a few moleskine blogs that a cool idea with our drawings is to try and make pages from different illustrators merge together or interact. It might be obvious anyway but it would be pretty nice if , on top of adhering to the theme, there was a kind of nice flow between different entries, whether it be in the colors or the themes or the shapes.
I  am thinking of starting another sketchbook with the theme A FOREST FAIRYTALE because i am getting worried that the NIGHT AND DAY book has got too many of you lovely people signed up to it! its a small scale sketchbook and its going to be pretty full once all the London people have done their 4 pages each.
So lets start sketchbook number 2 ! (It might just be that I am the most impatient person in the world.)
On a completely different level, I am trying to find a way to link our sketchbooks to supporting a charity: how about a project called ''anyone can draw'' where artists and anybody willing in Liverpool would fill one page in a traveling accordion sketchbook and each participant would pay 1 or 2 pounds or more if they wanted onto a Paypal account. The money would go to a charity of our choice and generate publicity and the sketchbook could be seen in an exhibition when finished. Willing artists could be found thanks to fliers in places like the Bluecoat gallery and Art colleges ect... sounds like a good project to get my teeth into soon!
Now look at this calendar an inspired person made with each page drawn by a different artist, with an OWL theme, i love this idea too and have already downloaded mine x

Monday, 4 October 2010

I am done!

Here are my 4 pages! I used a mixture of watercolors, collage and art pencils for this first humble offering , and I am pleased with the result. My usual naive little people are there being cute.

I used long narrow strips of watercolor paper that can be folded out or into a  little book. I will send  strips of paper  to the next illustrator but you guys can use a different type of paper if you prefer as long as you cut it out in the same dimensions and fold it at the right place, so that the final object can be folded in and the pages can be turned over. Lets have 4 pages each maximum, you can do less if you have babies and other time-consuming and energy-sapping creatures/activities demanding your attention!

This treasure in the making is going to London first where Lupe, Alice, Steven and Tanya will have fun with it before it is sent back to artistic friends in T'North! Dont keep it for too long guys! In the meantime all you eager northerners can practice and think of the lay out of your 4 pages, with the theme Night and Day...
x Lo